Things to do before next Saturday…

Okay, my wife, Becki, is out of the country…serving the Lord…stretching herself…and doing a GREAT job!

Like many women, Becki likes to leave the house “perfect” before she goes away.  It has something to do with it looking nice when she comes home.  (I don’t need to explain further.  Most women won’t need any explanation and most men will never understand… so enough said.)  She also goes out of her way to make sure her family is cared for in her absence (this trip, just Buddy the Dog and me).

Because her departure was a bit stressful, I actually convinced her that she didn’t need to vacuum and do a few other things this time.  I said, “Trust me!  I’ll do it right away after you leave!”

Okay, perhaps I should have defined “right away” or thought about that promise more.  On September 1st, September 18th seemed SO FAR AWAY!  Surely there would be time.  Buddy the Dog and I would get the place cleaned up long before she came home!

We emptied a few boxes of papers.  Buddy helped.  He eats the crumpled ones.  We threw a LOT of them away!  A few are still on the living room floor…

We took care of the laundry that was hanging on the door to laundry room.  It’s on my chair in the bedroom now…  (I had to do that alone.  Buddy the Dog isn’t allowed in our bedroom.) Oh yeah, the clothes were hanging on the door, because the closet bar in the laundry room is coming off the wall. I think Becki said something about fixing that…

I watered Becki’s mom’s tomato plant that’s hanging outside in the Phoenix sun.  That was a few days ago.  Better do that again tomorrow…

Just remembered.  Becki made a bunch of homemade soup and stuffed bell peppers for me before she left.  And, on my request, she bought a bunch of red peppers and onions for me.  Man, I gotta start eating up this stuff…

Suddenly I realize that this is the last weekend I have to fulfill my promises!  Oh, my…where do I begin?  Like any good man.  I’ll make a list…

Things to do before Saturday:

1.  Vacuum

That’ll probably do it, don’t you think?


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