Is the “nest” ever really “empty?”

A few weeks ago, Becki and I entered that new season of life called the “empty nest.”  So from here on out it’s just Becki and me (and Buddy the dog). Pretty quiet around our house these days.

Not that we’ve been home in that nest too much. In the 10 weeks since we’ve become “empty nesters” where we get to stay at home together, Becki has spent 3 weeks in China, a weekend in Tucson, and a long weekend split between Santa Monica and Albuquerque. I’ve only been in Chicago and Dallas. Oh yeah, and we both did a conference in San Diego. Poor Buddy.

Of course, Emily has come home for two weekends since she left ten weeks ago.  And Ashley came home on one of those.  Wish we could see those girls more often. Maybe one of them can mow the lawn next trip home.

Taking a quick look at our cell phone bill (where, thankfully, it is clearly noted that we have paid for an unlimited text usage plan), I notice that on average the girls place 67 text messages to one parent or the other each week. That’s only about 670 text messages since our house went silent.

Not that we don’t talk on that cell phone. I used mine to help Ashley diagnose and replace a blown steel-belt tire and found a theater in Tucson that would donate popcorn to her classroom. Emily has called about her wi-fi going out and other computer problems. And there are the personal counseling, career counseling, educational counseling and sibling counseling sessions. 

We have been down to Tucson a few times, too, of course. Becki went for parent’s weekend last weekend and it took a couple of trips to move the girls in on two separate schedules. And there’s that wedding we attended with the girls last month.  And in a couple of weeks we’ll take them to a dance performance that the girls wanted us to go to with them. That’ll be nice.

Sure miss the girls. Maybe they’ll text soon.


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