How do feel about spending time with your boss?

Have you ever spent significant time with your boss? Traveled to a conference together? Gone to a retreat together? Worked side-by-side to accomplish a ministry goal?

In a few weeks, I will be going overseas (to India and South Africa) with the chairman of the board of directors of KidZ At Heart International, Bob. Although I’m the founder and president of KidZ At Heart and a member of the board myself, Bob is still one of my bosses. The board has the authority (in fact, the responsibility) to evaluate my job performance and to decide my future!

So I was asked by a staff member, “How do you feel about going on an overseas trip with your boss?”

After 25 years of local church ministry, that question caused me to reflect. I wish that those of us who serve as children’s pastors (or in any associate pastor position in the local church) could always truthfully say, “I’m excited to spend time with my leader!” But that has not always been my experience, and I know many of you share my disappointment that ministry teams don’t always play well together!

But today my answer is “I’m excited!” I’m thankful that the members of the board and staff of KidZ At Heart International, our little family, are living out their desire to be a spiritual “community.” We recognize that God has made us one body and, therefore, a community. Now it’s our responsibility to live according to that truth. Truly functioning as a community that is together seeking God’s will for His work seems so basic, yet it requires a daily commitment from every team member and a faith that God will make it a reality (especially for several team members who have been disappointed by past teams).

It’s not that we have it all down and are living in heaven. Nope. Still here on earth. But as the leader of this ministry, it is a gift from God that I can honestly say “I want each team member to thrive in this ministry – both personally and professionally.” And even a bigger gift to know that the staff and board want the same for me!

And that means this trip will be an exciting adventure where…

  • I can spend special time with a friend, co-leader and brother in Christ.
  • I get to share what I know about two other countries and the ministry of training children’s workers in those cultures.
  • I will be blessed by learning from his skills and leadership as we meet with leaders in these countries.
  • I know we will have each other’s backs!

Why isn’t that more common in spiritual leadership teams today?


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