What do I want for Christmas?

When you hit middle age and most of your Christmas gifts get paid for using a credit card that automatically pays itself out of the same bank account that your own paycheck goes into, being asked “What do you want for Christmas?” can be a difficult question to answer.

So after making my list for Becki last night (which, as usual, included those really expensive razor blades that I like but feel guilty about buying for myself), I got to thinking about what would really make me happy this year. 

I came up with another list:

  • Time alone with God.
  • A date (with Becki, of course).
  • Some special time with our girls while they’re off of school.
  • Lots of laughter.
  • A fire in the fireplace (yes, even in Phoenix – it’s the ambience).
  • A warm welcome for Ashley in her new teaching job.
  • An evening for Emily to enjoy high school friends.
  • Singing Christmas carols around the piano.
  • A look from Becki that tells me she knows how much I love her.
  • An evening with our friends.
  • A moment to feel God’s presence and remember what Christmas is about.

Thanks for asking.

Oh, and what do you want?


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