Why does God ask me to let go first?

This past year (like so many previous), we’ve had to let go of some things – people, visions, possessions, ideas. Yet through these very real losses, some of which I continue to grieve, God has blessed us beyond all we could ask or imagine. 

It causes me to wonder how that all works out.  It seems God often asks us to let go of something good before He lets us have something better – or before he gives back the “something” in a better way.

I want to recommend to you an excellent book that I am reading through right now: Richard Foster’s Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home. It’s an easy-read but it has far-reaching implications.

The chapter I read this morning hit home on this very topic: “Why does God seemingly require relinquishment before bringing something into being? Part of the answer lies in the fact that frequently we hold on so tightly to the good that we do know that we cannot receive the greater good that we do not know. God has to help us let go of our tiny vision in order to release the great good he has in store for us.”

But Foster goes on to challenge us even more personally and deeply: “The fuller answer lies in the purposes of God in transforming the human personality.”

If you’ve lost something or someone recently, take heart! Perhaps God is mightily at work in your life.

If you haven’t, ask yourself what you may need to let go of today, so that God can take you to a greater good.


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