Where does the time go?

Today, our first-born will graduate from college. Where does the time go?

She changed our lives, 22 years ago. Now she’s a kindergarten teacher and ready to change the world. (I’m confident she’ll succeed.)

She got straight A’s in school without opening a book. Now she’s got to convince kids to study. (Life is full of little justices.)

She struggled a bit in life along the way; the path paved by others was not always smooth. Now she’s a champion for kids at-risk, the underdog, the overlooked. (God is full of redemption!)

Today she wears a gown and honor tassels. Tomorrow she mops up fingerpaint. (She’ll be more comfortable tomorrow.)

Twenty-two years ago she entered our hearts. She will never leave that place of honor.

Congratulations, Ashley! Job well done!


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