What’s your hottest outreach idea?

Becki and I are excited to be involved as workshop leaders for Group’s KidMin Conference coming to Chicago on October 7-10, 2011. Check out the KidMin Conference buzz on Facebook at http://ow.ly/4Ogvs!

We’ll be coordinating a half-day session on discipline (Joyful Discipline…Is there such a thing?) and a workshop on outreach to kids and families (Reach ‘Em, Teach ‘Em, Keep ‘Em).

We’d love to have your input as we prepare! Would you help us meet the needs of kidmin workers like yourself by sharing your best outreach ideas and your most concerning issues?

    • How do you REALLY reach beyond the walls of the church to connect with new kids and families?
    • How do we keep them coming back?
    • Are our programs doing the job or is it time for something new?
    • What have you done recently that really worked to bring in non-Christian kids?
    • Are you training kids to share their faith? How?
    • What concerns have you heard from parents when you have an outreach event?

Will you be attending the Group KidMin Conference

    and, if so, would you be willing to share some of your experiences in our workshop?

We can’t wait for Chicago – and to hear the awesome ideas you are implementing to reach and teach the 2.2 billion kids in our world who need Jesus! Please reply to these questions or share your latest idea below!


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