Who’s better at teaching students, veteran prof or grad student?

Who’s better at teaching students: the highly rated veteran professor using time-tested lecturing, or the inexperienced student teacher using “new” methods? That’s the question posed by an Associated Press report dated May 12, 2011. It seems that a recent study by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist suggests that how you teach is more important than who does the teaching.

And guess what the study found to be the most effective “how!”

Per the AP article: “The interactive method had almost no lecturing. It involved short, small-group discussions, in-class ‘clicker’ quizzes, demonstrations and question-answer sessions. ‘It’s really what’s going on in the students’ minds rather than who is instructing them,’ said lead researcher Carl Wieman of the University of British Columbia, who shared a Nobel physics prize in 2001. ‘This is clearly more effective learning. Everybody should be doing this. … You’re practicing bad teaching if you are not doing this.’”

If you’re as encouraged by these findings as we are, we have three ways to challenge you to share the good news!

  • Come to KidZtitute! Equipping you for your own backyard… preparing you for the world. This intensive, small-group conference prepares North American leaders to be better trainers at their own churches, and launches these leaders into cross-cultural equipping ministries across town or around the world. Read more.
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  • Join a KidZ At Heart short-term cross-cultural team and help us train leaders across town or around the world to use these effective methods. Read more.

So, it’s good news! This is something that Christian educators, children’s ministry leaders, student ministers and many major publishers have opened their eyes to over the last twenty years – and we’re getting it right!


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