How can we make summer more meaningful for kids?

Are you like us? Every year at this time, we start thinking about how to make summer incredible for our kids – both at home and at church. We want them to have fun and to grow in their relationship with God at the same time!

We believe service is the answer! Serving isn’t just a good thing for kids to do; it’s good for them, too. Experts tell us that young people who serve develop “powerful lifelong benefits. Participants learn responsibility, leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They experience greater self-respect, character development and self-discipline, increased motivation and engagement in studies, more tolerance and a broader perspective, and possibly improved academic performance.” Wow! Sounds good, huh?

And children who serve become adults who serve! Independent Sector reports that kids who grow up volunteering…

…are twice as likely to volunteer as adults who didn’t serve as kids, and
…give more money and volunteer more time than other adults.

Even more importantly, kids who volunteer and whose parents volunteer become the most generous adults of all with their time.

We want to help you impact your kids this summer! KidZ At Heart International’s NextGen Director, Janet Anthony (, has a variety of ways to help you help your kids – at home or at church – get involved in giving, praying and getting involved in service, outreach and missions.

You can use KidZ At Heart’s KidZ KaN Program to help your family or classroom have a great summer of growing in God while having fun! KidZ KaN uses a Pringles container and a free packet of materials from KidZ At Heart to turn your dinner table into time for a family missions devotional…or it can be used as a dynamic VBS or Sunday school missions project. And it comes with a DVD containing five plug-and-play missions lessons for kids of all ages, as well as theme music and guest artists! We also have artwork for you to use for t-shirts or posters, starring KidZ Kantu! For every $20 your family or classroom raises, KidZ At Heart can actually equip one local teacher overseas. What an investment!!

Yes, KidZ KaN make a difference…and while they’re making a difference…a difference is made in them!


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