Is showing up good enough?

This week we mourned the homegoing of a dear friend who has helped keep the KidZ At Heart office running for the past year or so.  Velma Partlow was known for her servant heart.  At her memorial service, more than one person mentioned that if she had been present, she would have been passing out the bulletins and making sure everyone was greeted!

Velma is survived by her husband of many years, Walt, and a long list of family members and friends.  I struggled at the funeral wondering what I could possibly say to wonderful Walt that would make a difference.  I hoped that just showing up and giving him a loving hug would show that I shared in his great loss.

Sometimes we just don’t have much to give.  At those times, is just showing up enough?

The morning after the funeral, I hit the gym.  Here I found myself pondering that question.  I suppose I was a bit “blue” following the death of a dear friend – especially with the girls off at school and Becki still out of the country.  I can’t say that morning’s workout set any records.

I didn’t have much to give physically or emotionally that morning.  But as the treadmill moved me along, I had to think…maybe it is enough just to be in the right place doing the right things this morning.

Then it hit me.  Showing love to a friend in grief.  Buffeting our bodies physically.  And growing in my relationship with God.  All of these have one thing in common.  I need to show up!

When we practice the spiritual disciplines including solitude and silence, reading the Scriptures, prayer, rest and work…we place ourselves in the right place for God to do his work.

We don’t need to set any records.  Just show up.

(This is a reposting of an earlier blog on this site. Hey, it’s summer.)


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