How do I love my wife?

Let me count the ways…one for each year of a wonderful marriage!

1. She is beautiful, in mind, spirit, and body.

2. She thinks I’m okay, too.

3. She is forgiving…a  requirement for being married to me.

4. She is totally dedicated to our two daughters and their wellbeing.

5. She is even more dedicated to the Lord and his work.

6. She has an unbelievable desire to please me, to help me, to make my life easier and better.  Go figure.

7. She works hard to make our home a wonderful place to live.

8. She encourages me when I doubt myself.

9. She is creative… a writer, a seamstress, a crafter, a make-something-new-out-of-nothing-er.

10. She has tenacity, in a quiet sort of way – another good trait when living with certain people.

11. She will step out of her comfort zone to allow me the freedom to soar, or fail, even when she can see the outcome from the start.

12. She is a model daughter, caring for her parents out of love, not duty.

13. She has a beautiful voice – wish we spent more time playing the piano and singing – my fault.

14. She is satisfied with whatever the Lord gives us; I’ve never felt pressure to provide more.

15. She lets me lay on the couch at night, fall asleep and call it quality time.

16. She tells me what I missed while I was asleep without being annoyed (unlike some daughters).

17. She takes care of herself.

18. She takes care of me.

19. She is my favorite co-presenter when I’m on the road teaching about boys and girls and Jesus.

20. She plans all my trips and sends me out the door looking like I know what I’m doing.

21. She says she doesn’t like our dog, Buddy, but she takes care of him, too, and looks out for him in a way that could only be described as “love.”

22. She has never, even once, made me wonder if she would leave me someday.  It’s so nice knowing you have a best friend to come home to every night.

23. She has taught me many life-lessons: people are okay, vegetables are okay, I’m okay.

24. She treats me like a king.

25. She treats me like a king…even when I fall far short of that title.

26. She loves kids… ours, church kids, MacArthur Elementary kids, impoverished kids around the world.

27. She sees the best in people.

28. She laughs at my jokes.

29. She doesn’t laugh at me…in front of me, anyway.

30. She is what I am not.

Bonus…She won’t complain (too much) about this blog. (In fact, she’ll even be happy that I reposted these from her birthday list, so I could spend more time with her on our anniversary trip!)

Happy 30th Anniversary, HB!  I am still madly in love with you after all these years.

(And, no, I won’t disclose what the HB stands for!)


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