Are you too busy?

Almost anyone who has ever served in ministry leadership has found himself or herself to be TOO BUSY.

Too busy…to be creative.
Too busy…to be real.
Too busy…to think about what is most important.

We have a formula for success in the North American church that suggests that bigger is always better. We’re successful if our program grows numerically. We’re successful if we have more appointments and longer to-do lists. We’re successful, ultimately, if we’re TOO BUSY.

I don’t think that’s how God intends ministry to be.

I came across a great book recently entitled The Power of Full Engagement (by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz). Although this is a secular book, the authors share much wisdom on this very subject. Like those who teach us about spiritual disciplines, Loehr and Schwartz say that almost all healthy human activity and growth (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) requires periods of stretching ourselves beyond our capacity quickly followed by periods of rest and recovery. Every athlete knows this principle; work hard, rest hard, replenish with the right fuels.

The Power of Full Engagement suggests we stop a moment and reflect on these questions that don’t get much of our attention when we are TOO BUSY:

  • Jump ahead to the end of your life. What are the three most important lessons you have learned and why are they so critical?
  • Think of someone that you deeply respect. Describe three qualities in this person that you most admire?
  • Who are you at your best?

And here’s my favorite.

  • What one-sentence inscription would you like to see on your tombstone that would capture who you really were in your life?

Hey, this is a three-day weekend. We all have too much to do. Relax bit!


2 thoughts on “Are you too busy?

  1. You are spot on, thank you! In this program centered world, I know I really do appreciate when I can connect one on one, and unhurried. Hard to do.

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