You can do this…

You’ve heard KidZ At Heart International talk about the 2.2 billion children in our world, but how many is that, really?

  • If you laid 2.2 billion footballs end-to-end, they’d reach 416,667 miles (enough to circle the earth more than 16 times).
  • And, 2.2 billion jelly beans would fill more than six school gymnasiums.

Imagine… that many children who need to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. Would you give $22 a month to help reach 2.2 billion children?

KidZ At Heart is going deeper to reach the 2.2 billion children. And I’m asking you to go deeper with us!

Existing to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture, KidZ At Heart is launching KidZ At Heart Leadership Academies (KAHLA) in Uganda and India. These Academies are the next step in our global impact, as we will offer more in-depth training of local leaders, leaving behind a cadre of licensed trainers to conduct KidZ At Heart training throughout each region. We are excited to already have key local leaders in both regions and a fruitful pilot program in South Africa!

As we develop and launch KAHLA, we are overjoyed that the Mission Increase Foundation has offered us a $15,000 matching fund grant for KAHLA. Other champions of KidZ At Heart offered another $15,000… allowing a full $30,000 to be matched.

You can go deeper to reach the 2.2 billion children.  This is doable.

Reaching 2.2 billion children is a daunting thought. Though, just as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes offered by a child, he can and will bless individual gifts. Please pray and consider giving $22 a month to reach the 2.2 billion children.

My Children’s Ministry friends…I challenge you to double down! Lead the way with your own $22 per month pledge, then challenge the children of your church to match it. Model your heart for the world’s children even as you shepherd those at your own church.

Mission Increase and other KidZ At Heart champions will match the first $30,000 received now (by October 31, 2011)… or pledged now for the coming year (through October 2012), multiplying your gift. This specific 30-day challenge is Mission Increase’s way for us to raise the money together. To get full advantage of this wonderful opportunity, we need to raise the entire $30,000 so that the match will reach its full potential of $60,000. Every dollar helps!

Here’s how to connect with this incredible opportunity:

You can do this…and 2.2 billion kids are counting on you.

We need to hear from you by October 31, 2011. Thank you for praying about how God is leading you.


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