22 Reasons… to Pledge $22… to Reach 2.2 Billion KidZ… who Need Jesus

On October 31st, the KidZ at Heart matching fund campaign comes to an end. Here are 22 reasons we believe you will want to join us in raising $60,000 to launch KidZ at Heart Leadership Academies in Uganda, South Africa and India.

We need your help in these final hours…and beyond!   

Act now, before the October 31st deadline (Monday) to maximize your gift!

For more information, check out our updates. To make a tax deductible donation or pledge, please email us or give now or call 877-778-KidZ (5439).

Please prayerfully consider these 22 reasons…to pledge $22 per month…to reach 2.2 billion children…who need Jesus!

1.  2.2 billion children (under the age of 15) are travelling with us on this planet and need to know, love and follow Jesus.

2.  We’re almost to our $60,000 goal. We started with funds from Mission Increase Foundation and other KidZ at Heart Champions. Together we’ve raised almost $54,000! (You can help us reach the top!!)

3.  It’s only $22/month for one year. It’s doable!

4.  95% of the world’s kids live outside of North America, yet they receive only 5% of the world’s children’s ministry resources and training.

5.  We need you to be part of the “launch team” for KAHLA (KidZ at Heart Leadership Academies) in South Africa, Uganda and India, where children’s ministry leaders from each region will receive in-depth training to lead their churches and denominations in reaching and teaching the children of their own cultures.

6.  Any gift given or pledge made by October 31st will be DOUBLED! That’s 2x the gift power!

7.  It’s time we shared!

8.  2/3 of all children are not yet following Jesus…that’s 1.5 billion kids without eternal hope!

9.  $22 per month is equivalent to cutting out one stop at Starbucks each week.

10.  More than 87 million kids are born into non-Christian families each year…Almost half of which have never heard the gospel.[1]

11.  We need you (and just 22 others) to pledge now to reach the goal! (you + 22 people pledging $22/month through October 2012 will complete the campaign by raising the final $6100 needed to maximize the matching gifts!)

12.  A classroom of Sunday school kids working together can raise $22 per month…and learn to give and pray for world missions!

13.  Many of you have been trained by KidZ at Heart trainers over the years…we are asking you to help us share that training with leaders around the world who have not yet had access to the equipping they need to reach their own children.

14.  2 Timothy 2:2 (catch the “2” theme?): “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also (NASB).”

15.  1/3 of all children have never heard the name of Jesus… that’s 750 million kids without access to the gospel!

16.  The probability of becoming a Christian for children ages 5-12 is 32%…teens 13-18 years, 4%…adults 19 and up, 6%.[2]

17.  With a gift or pledge by October 31, you become part of a huge ministry effort to train children’s ministry leaders to reach and teach their own kids.

18.  Your family could gather change at dinner each evening and give $22/month to reach kids on two continents.

19.  It’s only $22/month for 2.2 billion kids!

20.  Choosing to skip one family meal at McDonald’s will save $22 and help 2.2 billion kids know Jesus.

21.  “If you want to shape a person’s life – whether you are most concerned about his or her moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional or economic development – it is during these crucial eight years [5-12 years of age] that lifelong habits, values, beliefs and attitudes are formed.”[3]

22.  It’s a chance to double your giving and reach the kids of the world that Jesus loves!

For more information, check out our updates.  To make a tax deductible donation or pledge, please email us or give now or call 877-778-KidZ (5439) (ext 599). Time is running out! Please act now, before the October 31st deadline (Monday) to maximize your gift!

[1] World Christian Trends, Global Diagram 41.

[2] George Barna, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, p.18.                         

[3] Barna, p. 18.


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