Why should you mark your calendar now for the 2013 FourFiveSix Preteen Leaders’ Conference?

Last weekend, I was privileged to be a guest at the fifth annual Preteen Leaders’ Conference in Rocklin, California. I heartily endorse the work being done by the FourFiveSix team who lead this conference. So this morning, I have 17 reasons why you should mark your calendars for next year’s conference and plan on attending!

1.  Because last weekend you missed one of the best events of the year, and you don’t want to do that again!

2.  Because founder, Sean Sweet, will model incredible love for early adolescents and show you what really makes preteen ministry “tick!”

3.  Because this just may be the only place on earth to gather for an entire conference to focus on early adolescents and ministry to these great kids!

4.  Because leadership team member Mike Sheley will show you what servant leadership is all about!

5.  Because other people, just like you, will be there, too!

6.  Because leadership team member Heather Dunn will bring a level of spiritual devotion that is missing from too many ministry conferences!

7.  Because preteen ministry really isn’t the same as youth ministry, nor is it the same as children’s ministry.

8.  Because leadership team member Katie Gerber will bless your socks and be your new friend from registration on!

9.  Because you’ll get more than the latest wild games, new video clips and curriculum plugs…you’ll get thoughtful guidance from actual practitioners.

10. Because leadership team member Mike Branton will bring incredible ideas and tips and present them in a spirit of humility!

11. Because you really do need to know how to enjoy a Tim Tam Slam. (Google it, unless you’re already heating the cocoa as you read this.)

12. Because leadership team member Nick Diliberto will get you connected with someone and welcome you into the fold!

13. Because your heart will be encouraged, you will learn and grow, you will rest (emotionally, if not physically), and you will come home better prepared to minister to preteens.

14. Because leadership team member Nate Cummings will share his heart for preteens with you and bring his expertise from the trenches!

15. Because the conference brings you a philosophy of ministry to early adolescents that will help you take the next steps in starting or growing your own style in your own context.

16. Because leadership team member Patrick Snow will bring his incredible passion for preteens packaged in a classy, thoughtful leadership style!

17. Because you and your preteens deserve the investment.

So mark your calendar now for the next FourFiveSix Preteen Leaders’ Conference, April 17-19, 2013, at Mt. Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana.

3 thoughts on “Why should you mark your calendar now for the 2013 FourFiveSix Preteen Leaders’ Conference?

  1. I can think of at least 18 reasons we were blessed to have Gordon West as a guest at this year’s conference! 🙂 Thank you, Gordon! It was awesome having you there!

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