Why a bilingual kidmin conference?

From a press release dated May 17, 2012: “The U.S. Census Bureau released a set of estimates showing that 50.4 percent of our nation’s population younger than age 1 were minorities as of July 1, 2011. The population younger than age 5 was 49.7 percent minority in 2011.”

But why is this important? Because it’s strategic.

No matter what your thoughts are on the immigration issues so prevalent in the news these days, it’s obvious that God loves these young children. It is also obvious that many children are coming to and being born in our country, cities and neighborhoods, and children represent a very strategic way of reaching the world! As we welcome these young lives into our communities, let’s welcome them in the name of Jesus. (Remember, over seven million children in our world have not yet even heard that name for the first time!)

KidZ at Heart is being proactive in welcoming children in the name of Jesus!

KidZ at Heart International is not a “foreign” missions agency. We are simply a mission to children. All children. Red and yellow, black and white. Here or there.

And that’s why, with the help of some godly Hispanic leaders from churches across America, KidZ at Heart is launching Corazón de Niño. This weekend training conference will equip moms and dads and church leaders in the Spanish-speaking community to reach and teach their own children for Christ! This is one of the only Spanish-speaking children’s ministry training conferences in the entire United States. And Corazón de Niño is just one of the ways KidZ at Heart is seeking to reach the children of this world, here and there.

National children’s ministry leaders are joining us in our excitement, as no other organizations are meeting this need. Read what Idanerys has to say…

“For many years I have attended English trainings only to come back to my home church and have to translate all the material in order to share it with the volunteers, leaders, and families of my church. I am firmly convinced that the Spanish/bilingual training of Corazon de Niño will be an enormous blessing to the Hispanic community by providing information and materials in our own language.”  (Idanerys Montalvo, graduate of KidZ at Heart training)

Now you can help, too!

  1. Consider giving just $49, one scholarship to allow a Spanish-speaking kidmin leader attend the conference.
  2. Prepare yourself for cross-cultural children’s ministry in your community by attending one of our regional sessions of KidZtitute! (English only) or Corazón de Niño (bilingual) this fall.
  3. Tell your Spanish-speaking friends about this exciting new training conference. They can get more details (in Spanish or English) and register online.

Who are the children that God is bringing to your neighborhood? What is being done to reach the children in the city or community next door to you? What is God calling you to do to help?


2 thoughts on “Why a bilingual kidmin conference?

  1. Thanks for the many who have asked about when and where Corazón de Niño will launch. Our first session is being held in Mesa, Arizona, on November 2 & 3, 2012. Becki and I are delighted to be able to be the leaders of the first session, along with Idanerys Rodriguez and Obed Escobar who will co-teach and translate. All sessions and handouts will be conducted in Spanish and English, and all are welcome! Please register ASAP as space is limited. You can register online at http://www.kidzatheart.org/training/corazon-de-nino. Our website is in both Spanish and English for your convenience. Can’t wait to meet you and your team! And scholarships are available.

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