Happy Holidays? Does it really matter?

Christmas TreeWe just heard yet another news story about the evergreen tree with colored lights on it being called a “holiday tree” this year. We attended the Phoenix Symphony yesterday for a wonderful afternoon of “Holiday Pops,” where Santa Claus wished us all “Happy Holidays.” And last night a very kind Home Depot employee noticed my VBS t-shirt before telling us that he refuses to obey corporate policy and always wishes people a “Merry Christmas.”

All of this got me wondering, does it really make any difference? Perhaps the bigger issue is how we, who know Jesus, celebrate every day of our lives!  In fact, instead of watching the world take Christ out of Christmas, what if we put Jesus INTO every holiday?  Why not try celebrating a bit differently in 2013:

  • On January 21 (MLK Day), honor God and Martin Luther King, Jr, by living in peace with others in so much as it is possible for you.
  • On February 14 (Valentine’s Day), don’t just talk about love; set aside your “wants” and do what’s best for another human.
  • On March 31 (Easter), dedicate your life to enjoying the “life” (and life abundant) that Jesus came to bring.
  • On April 22 (Earth Day), consider God’s blessings and see how you might be a better steward of all he has loaned you.
  • On May 12 (Mother’s Day), consider how you might truly “honor” your mother, and her Creator.
  • On May 27 (Memorial Day), remember those who have served you, by serving others in the name of Jesus. (Have you washed anyone’s feet lately?)
  • On June 16 (Father’s Day), consider how you might truly “honor” your father, and his Creator.calendar (I can always use a, “Thanks for trying hard to be a good dad,” from my kids.)
  • On July 4 (Independence Day), confess the sins of our country and admit our dependence on him!
  • On September 2 (Labor Day), thank God for your job…for the call he has given you to make a difference in the world!
  • On October 31 (Halloween), recognize the reality of the spiritual realm, and be thankful that our God is a mighty God.
  • On November 11 (Veteran’s Day), pray that Jesus returns soon, to end all wars!
  • On November 28 (Thanksgiving), show your thankfulness for his blessings by not obsessing over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Be satisfied!
  • On December 25 (Christmas), don’t worry about what Santa wishes you, but know that Jesus came so that we might have life and commanded us to made disciples of all the nations.  Hey, maybe that should be our New Year’s resolution?

Merry Christmas,

Gordon & Becki West


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