An Open House Policy

A great word in a day of isolation!

KidZ KaN Make a Difference

by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart InternationalGirlOpeningDoor

When I was a teenager, my home was not open to outside guests.  I had friends, though, whose parents were open-hearted Christians. They welcomed us after youth group or weekend games.  At least one parent would be comfortable around a noisy group of high schoolers and willing to provide quality one-on-one with their kids’ friends.  I’ll be forever grateful for the encouragement this brought me.

Growing the family value of hospitality provides many challenges.  Today, parenting is stretched thin by packed schedules and demands on time that seem to grow exponentially.  Diversity of interests that come from the ages of the family’s members and financial resources – these play a part, too.  Whatever the composite picture of your family may look like, however, hospitality is a given, not an option.  Scripture makes this clear both by command and by example.  See

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