Becki and I have been serving children and families in the local church for all of our marriage (over 30 years now).  After many years of training our own ministry teams and writing and speaking across North America, we started hearing from God that there was more to do!

A little research showed us that while we were focusing on the 5% of the world’s children who live in North America, the 95% majority around the world was getting almost nothing in the way of children’s ministry resources and training.  In fact, only about 5% of all children’s ministry is aimed at those kids not living in the United States and Canada.

In 2003, we launched KidZ At Heart International as an independent missions agency designed to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture.  Today, I serve as President of this ministry that now trains in over 20 countries around the world and has staff members living in California, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Florida and South Africa.  Becki is our Executive Director, handling most of the administrative and day-to-day ministry details.

God has been very good to the ministry (and to us) and He continues to bless while we take this amazing journey.  We hope this blog will serve as our invitation to come along on that journey…whether you are reaching and teaching the child in your own home or you are serving as a spiritual leader for kids in your church or you want to be part of the growing team of people reaching 2.3 billion kids around the world who need to know, love and follow Jesus.

FoR HiS KidZ,

Gordon D. West


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