Global 4/14 Day of Prayer

KidZ KaN Make a Difference

global414by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

The calendar gives us a nudge

…once a year to focus on something that is very close to God’s heart.

Here are 4 prompts to consider regarding the 4 to 14Window today, April 14th.

It is by looking through this ‘window’ that we understand the character of God.  Our Heavenly Father, Who is Himself Love, loves kids!  In fact childhood is His invention – He thought it up!  His major stamp of approval: our Savior came as an infant and grew up within the protection of a loving family and spiritually healthy faith community.

  1. It is by looking through this ‘window’ that we learn about the nature of mankind. The most opportune time in human life for spiritual growth comes in that span between the years 4 and 14.  Many times major decisions are made…

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An Open House Policy

A great word in a day of isolation!

KidZ KaN Make a Difference

by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart InternationalGirlOpeningDoor

When I was a teenager, my home was not open to outside guests.  I had friends, though, whose parents were open-hearted Christians. They welcomed us after youth group or weekend games.  At least one parent would be comfortable around a noisy group of high schoolers and willing to provide quality one-on-one with their kids’ friends.  I’ll be forever grateful for the encouragement this brought me.

Growing the family value of hospitality provides many challenges.  Today, parenting is stretched thin by packed schedules and demands on time that seem to grow exponentially.  Diversity of interests that come from the ages of the family’s members and financial resources – these play a part, too.  Whatever the composite picture of your family may look like, however, hospitality is a given, not an option.  Scripture makes this clear both by command and by example.  See

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only BIGGER thinking

I don’t want to hear any more news today.

I don’t want to hear the opposing sides shouting self-righteously about how armed teachers could have saved those children or how gun control could have prevented this all from happening in the first place.

I don’t want to hear the names they’re calling the shooter, like “evil” and “coward”.

I don’t want to hear about innocence and unfathomable grief and holiday presents that will never be opened because my heart just can’t bear that right now.

I don’t want to hear Wolf Blitzer on CNN saying things like, “It may be maudlin to say, but just imagine how tragic it will be when we start seeing the actual images of the children’s bodies.”

I don’t want to hear timelines, recorded police calls, press conferences, crime experts, or the President.

I don’t want to hear reporters eagerly clamoring to confirm whether the…

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